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If one compares the shelves in supermarkets, food stores and pharmacies in the early Nineties with Today, one must admit that Africa has come a long way. But the same amount of time passed in what is referred to as the “First World Countries” and what you find in their shops is sometimes almost too futuristic and too unique to take it for real the first time you laid eyes on it. But why waiting until the manufacturers and producers overseas think of Africa and think of African customers the same way they think of their own back home?

No need for a time machine or life-extending medicine thought the founders of “Technology for the Next Generation”, mostly referred to as NextGenTech, when they teamed up with into SA to travel from country to country on the hunt for the next “bling thing” to bring to the streets and shelves of 21st century Africa.

Reluctance (on the side of overseas companies) met Vision (on the side of the NextGenTech Team) and after educating our friends outside Africa that Elephants have stopped roaming across Sandton and that banana-leaf skirts have been replaced by Armani and Hugo Boss, the first negotiations have led to more products hitting the local market years ahead of their time.

NextGenTech has therefore opted for convenience instead of fancy sales outlets and so the NextGenTech Online Shop was born, a virtual mall, which offers all those exciting products, which were a well-kept secret….until now!

Welcome to the NextGenTech Online Store!

Our Mission

The mission of NextGenTech is to explore new countries, explore new markets and to bring back products Africa has not seen before, or at least not for this price. It is common knowledge that the retail chains dominate and determine what is one the shelves and for what price, but just because they all collude to end up offering certain products for the same price, does not mean that is a fair market price.
The mission of NextGenTech is therefore also to search for similar products in the same or better quality, which can be offered to a much lower price.

Our Vision

The vision of NextGenTech is to create an online mall with products from all over the world, which allows the visitor to buy it within the convenient surroundings of their home or office, from their notebook or mobile device, and without having to travel thousands of miles to get it from its origin.

NextGen Tech Contact Us

If you need further information or if you want to tell us your opinion, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We will be happy to help you!


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