Technology for the Next Generation

– Importer & Distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa –

Technology for the Next Generation referred to in short as NextGenTech, is a private company established as a member of the Into SA Group in 2009 and recognised as a Level 1 BEE Contributor.

While originally only catering for Into SA clients to assist with the import and distribution of their goods and services, it was opened for all customers in 2012.

NextGenTech assist its customers with the import of any goods from any part of the world, assists with shipping and local transport and facilitates the clearing at the African port of entry. Furthermore – in cooperation with Into SA – NextGenTech is also able to claim Import VAT and Provisional Payments made for temporary imports back from the country receiver of revenue.

In order to enable its subsidiary WorldCart Online Mall to deliver goods sold in their online stores to any customer within South Africa, NextGenTech has in 2019 designed a new and unique logistic concept. This concept allows for any goods to be delivered to any destination within a maximum of 72 hours and on top offers through its partners 3000 pick-up points country-wide for those customers, who are not able to be at a specific destination all the time to await delivery.

While imports into Sub-Saharan Africa are already handled by NextGenTech, it is intended to adapt the local logistics concept for Namibia and Zimbabwe latest by 2022, pandemic permitting.

Our Mission

The mission of NextGenTech is to make all markets in Sub-Saharan Africa accessible for all international companies that wish to establish their brands and to export their products and services into Sub-Saharan Africa. NextGenTech is thereby handling – together with other members of the Into SA Group – all import licenses, clearing and distribution to any destination. Transparency, Efficiency and Flexiblity guide our Business. 

Our Vision

The vision of NextGenTech is to reduce all red tape for the customer when entering the African markets and to offer transparent, sustainable and accelerated logistical solutions for the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa, locally and across borders.

Contact NextGenTech

If you need further information or if you want to tell us your opinion, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We will be happy to assist you!


1024 Cisticola Avenue
Zambezi Country Estate
Sefako Makgatho Drive
Montana 0182
South Africa

+27 (12) 941 1508

Warehouse SA

Unit 1 Edward Place
110 Edward Avenue
Centurion 0172
South Africa

+27 (12) 0210140

Warehouse Zimbabwe

61 Sturgess Road

+263 (78) 372 9481

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